RoseMary Richards, MD, IFMCP 

Your Functional Medicine Physician

Dr. RoseMary Richards is an experienced medical doctor practicing in Athens, GA. After graduating from Emory University School of Medicine, Dr. Richards was board certified in Anesthesiology and has had a successful practice in Athens for 23 years.

Dr. Richards is now transitioning to Functional Medicine, seeing it as a way to help her patients move away from chronic disease and back to health. She is an Institute For Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner (IFMCP), and is a member of The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).

rosemary richards, md

rosemary richards, md

In Her Own Words:

“I have always been interested in health through fitness, lifestyle and diet. However, my focus became deeper as my daughter (one of a set of triplets) developed inflammatory and GI issues - and was eventually diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

In researching this disease, I realized that it was an inflammatory process, like most other chronic diseases so prevalent today. Specific changes in our diet and lifestyle made a huge difference for my daughter and my whole family.

Wanting to share this with others, I found that Functional Medicine (with its exploration of lifestyle factors) is very solidly based on scientific data. It explains why our health is where it is today, and at the same time, points us to a solution.

This broader approach is the way to make sure we are tailoring an effective solution for each patient, not just treating symptoms.”

Dr. RoseMary Richards

Erin Richards

Erin Richards is RoseMary’s youngest child. After years of inflammatory symptoms relating to the GI tract and Celiac disease, she has finally been able to live free of any symptoms or medication by making lifestyle changes that are the foundation of Functional Medicine. This freedom helped to solidify her belief in food as medicine. She graduated from UGA with a B. S. in dietetics and now works with her mom in the office as a public health nutritionist. She is continuing her education to pursue a career in medicine.

ERIN Richards

ERIN Richards

Rob Richards

Robert Richards Jr. received his coaching training through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy. By actively listening, reflecting back to the client their own words, and learning what motivates an individual, he helps every client along their journey to meet their goals. Robert Richards Jr. holds a black belt in taekwondo and a degree in psychology from the University of Georgia.



Services Include:

•      Functional Medicine: evaluation and treatment of current acute and chronic illnesses

• Nutrition Counseling, including Weight Loss and Weight Management

• Health and Wellness Coaching (Stress Reduction & Management / Exercise & Fitness)

•    Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

•      BEMER Therapy (for more information on BEMER visit:

• IV Therapy

•      Accupuncture

•      Medical Grade Supplements